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Subject: Grab new customers for online retail via RMS Integration. Learn How

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01/28/2015 11:32 PM Alert 
Statistics have it that 98% people research online before buying a product! Web gives you an advantage of reaching into otherwise distant markets with the help of few clicks. So presence in the online domain is inevitable if you want your business to grow and prosper. Building a website, integration of shopping cart, buying a domain name etc. calls for a one time initial investment but it can bring an instant boom to your business. Even if you are on a tight budget and wish to earn customers via online retail, it is no rocket science. You can opt for 24SevenCart as your ecommerce solution since it is a powerful tool for online retail sales and an effective shopping cart solution. Since 24SevenCart is backed by MS SQL database and empowered with Microsoft .NET framework it is less prone to bugs, highly customizable and user friendly. With the help of RMS link you can integrate your shop/s RMS server with 24SevenCart shopping cart and harvest the seamless benefits that come attached with blend of all likely options available in major shopping carts. RMS Integration of 24SevenCart with RMS link opens doorways to whole new world of opportunities which further helps in attracting new customers for your online retail. Here’s how: • E bay integration – e bay has a customer base from all over the globe, with number of customers crossing the 233 million mark. 24SevenCart with RMS integration updates your “new arrivals” stock automatically on ebay and also keeps a tab on the fact that you never oversell than what you have in stock. Thus, attracting fresh customers and keeping the existing ones updated. • Multichannel shopping portal updates: RMS Integration with 24SevenCart ensures that you get new customers via different channels possible on web. Apart from optimizing your website RMS integration also publishes your inventory on various global shopping platforms like www.thefind.com, Google shop etc. which offers a comparative price analysis and product descriptions thus attracting more customers to your online retail store. • Smart phone friendly: With smart phone user reach crossing 100 million mark in U.S alone, not having presence of smart phones could be a major loss to business. RMS integration makes your online retail store smart phone friendly thus enabling new customers to find their way to your website at ease and also to make purchases via phone! • Discount Rules: With RMS all discounts are targeted only at the stocks available at your brick and mortar outlet. But what about the potential online market? Does it not tend to get ignored most of the time?? RMS Integration with 24SevenCart lures new customers via directing additional discounts at online retail outlets. This would enable you to capture more online sales and attract more customers to your web-store. With seamless possibilities RMS Integration with 24SevenCart enables, gaining new customers is just one of the many benefits offered. There are many more benefits which you can unlock when you integrate your RMS with 24SevenCart shopping cart. For running a successful business what is required is gaining profits and multiplying sales and the RMS integration makes it possible in the most practical manner.
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