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In this section you can review and download some of the trial RMS add-ins, tools and utilities.

Disclaimer: Dynamics RMS Experts is not responsible for any content or functionality of the downloaded packages. While downloading any software from this Web site and installing it on your computer(s), you do so at your own discretion and risk and you explicity idemnify Dynamics RMS Experts or its creators, partners and supporters from any liability in regards to damage resulting from using the downloaded software such as potential damage to data, computer programs, systems and the likes.

Please also note that in order to be able to download anything, you must become a registered user. We respect your privacy and no your personal information will be shared with any third party without your explicit permission. However, occasionally the RMS Partners who are supporting, sponsoring or otherwise participating in the Dynamics RMS Project will be able to send to you a direct email with information concerning their new products or services. 

We also appreciate if after downloading and trying the software you post your rating and review here.

Note: in order to be able to download you must login as a registered user. The authenticated users will see a "Download" link in the bottom of the add-in's card.

If you are an RMS Partner and would like to upload your trial or demo software, please contact us first.

RMS Add-ins and Utilities Downloads

eReceipt for Dynamics RMS

eReceipt for Dynamics RMS v. 2.5

(latest release 2.5.1, 01/20/2014)

The store customers can now receive their receipts by email and store them locally on their computers. Great solution for expense management. Never lose your receipt again!eReceipt.JPG

Unlike any other email receipt solutions, eReceipt from Retail Hero is a perfect copy of the RMS paper receipt. All information (including custom messages, store policies etc.) on the receipts is preserved exactly as it is on the original. Features:

  • Prompts for customer email address and name if missing, updates the RMS record
  • Automatically emails the receipt after each transaction.
  • Collects the customers' names and email addresses for e-Marketing, promotions and customer retention.
  • User-friendly
  • Low subscription cost
  • The POS plugin is free with Hero Points
  • Customizable email body
  • No transaction slowdown
  • No lost emails even if Internet is temporary down
  • Full-page format support (as .pdf with preview) as well as improved 40-column printer slip
  • Dual RMS printers 
  • Secure and reliable email provider with feedback
  • Server-side email event notification (delivered, opened, bounced, dropped, deferred, spamcheck, etc.)
  • Automatic notification of bad email addresses
  • Full SSL support for enhanced security

New in Version 2.5.1

  • Full customer record view and edit (email address, name, address, notes, custom fields)
  • Folding design - only the necessary fields are visible
  • Resizable fonts/controls for different screen resolutions
  • Auto-center when resized/unfolded
  • Auto-account number generation for new customer records
  • Auto-capitalizing edit fields
  • Customer Edit/Lookup/Create button in the POS
  • HQ-Liberty components for Global Customer edit and update in RMS HQ multi-store
  • Automatic printer selection (the email pop-up comes for every enabled printer)

Email to sales@RetailHero.com or call 1-888-785-4376 ext .1 to setup your account.

File size 11788 K
Downloads 158
Date Mon 01/20/2014 @ 03:23
Author Anthony Ludmilin
EMail mixer@retailhero.com

Hero Points 3.5 for Dynamics RMS

Hero Points 3.5.4 for Dynamics RMS - (released 10/11/12, last update 08/22/13)

A brand-new software, based on the most popular Hero Points concept. Now with many new exciting features:

  • New configurable receipt format, including Gift receipt for RMS FP2(new in 3.5)
  • Control of redemption on refunds/exchanges(new in 3.5)
  • Password for program settings (new in 3.5)
  • Redemption by "gift" (free) items (new in 3.4)
  • "Basket" collection mode (new in 3.2)
  • "Fixed" or "Variable" points collection schedule
  • Assign different number of points to different items, department and categories
  • Assign effective date ranges
  • Bonus points for purchasing of specific items or from specified departments or categories
  • Welcome points for new customers
  • Exemption for specific items, departments and categories with effective date ranges
  • Exemption for specific transaction and item types
  • Exemption for specific customers and customer types
  • Collection and redemption details on the receipt
  • Flexible and customizable redemption schedule
  • Now works with layaways, work orders and back orders
  • Easy manual points adjustment
  • Full Hero Points history reporting
  • RMS Headquarters support (new in v. 3.1)
  • Designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7, compatible with Windows XP
  • Migration path from Hero Points 1.x and 2.x
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista 64bit (new in v. 3.1)
  • Point accelerators: customer, day-time-of-week schedule, promo and spend level (new in v. 3.1)
  • Now "skinnable"- allows to customize the program's colors, look and feel by changing a scheme file or a "skin".

Hero Points 3.2

Download the trial now!

For purchase information contact

sales@RetailHero.com or 1.888.785.4376

File size 14693 K
Downloads 1206
Date Sun 09/22/2013 @ 07:47
Author Anthony Ludmilin
EMail mixer@retailhero.com

RMS Lite

RMS Lite

(release 1.0.27, February 2013)

RMS Lite Sale Transaction 1 - New.PNGRMS Lite is a lightweight POS interface for Dynamics RMS v 2.x and earlier. It provides a subset of the POS functions available in Dynamics RMS POS and designed to be used as economical solution in special situations, such as line busting, temporary relief POS lanes, offsite sales etc. For more information and feature comparison list, check http://www.RetailHero.com/RMSLite.


New in v. 1.0.27

  • Improved offline functionaility
  • Bugs fixed

New in v. 1.0.26

  • OPOS weigh scale support
  • Functional improvements related to working with large database
  • Bugs fixed

File size 26915 K
Downloads 336
Date Wed 07/10/2013 @ 05:16
Author Anthony Ludmilin
EMail mixer@retailhero.com

Retail Hero's Catalog View 2.7

Retail Hero’s Catalog View 2.7.2 (refresh release June 2013) is a customized add-on designed for the retailer’s ease of processing customers at the point of sale.

Retail Hero's Catalog View for Dynamics RMS

The main application for Visual Catalog is in the retail industries which deal with limited number of items that do not have barcodes and therefore are not scannable at POS. The solution is to have digital pictures attached to them in RMS. The cashier rings up an item by simply clicking on a button that has the item's picture on it. The user interface is similar to that of a simplified Restaurant POS. This graphical interface that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft RMS can display multiple inventory items with pictures that allow the retailer to identify items easily and accurately. It is also ideally suited to touch-screen applications for even faster service.

New in this version:

1. Fifteen large item buttons on each page and 6 additional buttons for the most frequently used items which are selected automatically based on how often a particular item is sold.

2. Buttons can be sorted by description, item lookup codes or custom order which allows free rearranging of the buttons on the screen by dragging and dropping.

3. Pictures added to the buttons by either dragging photos from your hard disk onto the buttons, using the context Add Picture dialogue or taking snapshots with your Webcam connected directly to the POS or back office PC.

4. The pictures get automatically formatted to fit the button dimensions and are kept in the database so the picture immediately becomes available to all POS stations at the store. A disk copy of an item picture is also created on each POS station in the default RMS Pictures folder so the picture also becomes available in the items properties in RMS Manager and POS.

5. A custom HTML status bar in RMS POS displays the item pictures during the transaction.

6. In Catalog View the RMS Department and Category buttons may now have pictures and be rearranged in custom order similar to the Item or Custom buttons.

7. The user may select certain items to become available on the Custom Buttons screen which has a structure similar to the Items screen. This way even the items from different departments and categories may be arranged on single screen for faster access.

8. Both Items and Custom Buttons screens have a quick search text entry which allows narrowing the list of the buttons in the current selection (department, category, all items or custom buttons) as the user is typing.

9. Catalog View always remembers the last used screen and page number and pops up next time on the same screen and page so the most often used information is always in front of the cashier in order to minimize the necessity for additional navigation.

10. Each POS station in a store keeps independent settings so the last known screen and other parameters are individual on each POS station.

Read more at http://www.retailhero.com/catalog_view_for_dynamics_rms.aspx

File size 5879 K
Downloads 316
Date Thu 06/06/2013 @ 07:09
Author Retail Hero
EMail mixer@retailhero.com

Hero Points for POS 2009

A popular customer loyalty program Hero Points is now available for Dynamics POS 2009! The program shares all major features of Hero Points for Dynamics RMS, but also takes full advantage of the new POS 2009 interface and functionality.

Last update: 11/7/2012

Features include:

  • Flexible point collection schedule: fixed or separate by item, category and department
  • Welcome and Bonus points
  • Four types of point accelerators: recurring, calendar, spend level and individual
  • Easy-to-define and use point redemption schedule
  • Settings export-import
  • Customer point history reports
  • On-screen prompts and customized receipts
  • More....
Hero Points for POS 2009Hero Points for POS 2009 - Transaction Screen 4 - Redeem Points (Custom).PNG

File size 2471 K
Downloads 184
Date Wed 11/07/2012 @ 11:36
Author Anthony Ludmilin
EMail mixer@retailhero.com

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