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Subject: SQL 2008

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03/31/2010 12:00 PM Alert 


i have a HQ and 5 store operation and the HQ database is nearing the 4gb size limit for SQL 2005 (free version).  this is the same version i have on store POS (but we're not running in to the size problem there to date).  my question is what version of SQL 2008 would be recommended - standard, workgroup, etc?  is this as simple as loading the software and upgrading the existing version?  Are there any issues with running HQ and stores on different versions of SQL?







03/31/2010 12:05 PM Alert 
SQL 2008 Workgroup Edition will do. You will need to backup the HQ database in case you need to restore it later. While upgrading should take care of the db migration, it is better if you work with a technical person who knows what they are doing. Perhaps, your RMS VAR?
Besides, if the stores do not run into the size problem, they can well stay on SQL 2005 Express - that wouldn't cause any problems with your HQ running SQL 2008.
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