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Subject: RMS POS Freezing during updating item Price.

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12/29/2010 8:27 AM Alert 
Some time we need to change some item price at Store Manager during the store hour. But all POS always freez right after an item price has been changed until the Store Manager has finish the data refreshing. Is this problem caused store manager try to refreshing the data ? If that is so, Can we make store manager refreshing the data until restart & POS too ? or is this problem caused sql protocol set-up ? anyhow we already did the setting up the sql protocol configuration followed from rms forum which the subject with "POS Freezing".

12/29/2010 9:55 AM Alert 
Most likely, its a problem with the hardware, network or the SQL database itself. RMS is a very stable application and it doesn't freeze unless there's one of the abovementioned problems. HArdware and network issues are hard to troubleshoot, but the SQL database problems are easier. Perhaps, just reindexing of the database may help. In order to pinpoint the problem it's also important to know if the database is on the same computer as the POS, or on another. And if there any thrid party antivirus/firewall programs are running (some may cause SQL connectivity issues). Etc. Your RMS Partner should be able to troubleshoot these problems.

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