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Subject: store to store exchange avaliable?

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02/02/2011 7:59 AM Alert 
Currently using HQ and I did enable the Global customer and I purchased something at store#1 and I want to return or exchange on Store#2. Would this be possible? When I enable the Global Customer, it only shows on the other store but I can't do exchange or return. Anybody have done this?

05/15/2011 9:36 AM Alert 
The sales transactions are not passed among the stores with the HQ. For that reason you cannot make return in another store by looking up the transaction. However, what you can do is just to perform a simple return operation without looking up the original invoice; at the POS just click Ctrl-F4 - it will put the POS into the Return mode, and add all items which are being returned to the transaction one by one.

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