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Subject: Epson or Star printers?

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10/01/2006 3:38 PM Alert 
We have quit selling Epson receipt printers to our new customers as soon as Star TSP-100 printers have become available.

I don't know how to explain the fact that an Epson TM88 series (which sells for about $100 more, which driver you can't easily download, which prints slower if used with Windows driver, or print quality sucks if used in OPOS mode, has very confusing and complicated setup procedures etc.) may still have right to exist in the marketlace.

TSP100-WhiteBlack.gifStar TSP100 is better, lighter, comes with great software package, may be attahced onto a wall and is cheaper. The software is mindblowing. In one case we sold an RMS POS bundle to a customer who was very impressed by the function that allows to print different coupons depending on the items sold to the customer (that had nothing to do with RMS, all done by the printer's own software).

The other day we had a remote support session with a customer who bought RMS and a Dell POS bundle online (let those who sell RMS and POS hardware online with no decent support offering burn in flames forever and ever :angry:). Epson TM88IV. Of course, no drivers included. During the session I downloaded the new printer driver from POSGuys.com - thanks, good men. The printer also came with both USB and parallel interface. Whatever we did, it would NOT print with USB interface. Windows would detect, install software and driver. No errors, no messages - just wouldn't print! In a remote session it is specifically nuts when you're asking the customer about 100 times to make sure the cable is connected and the printer is turned on :blink: . After switched to the parallel port it finally worked.

People, listen to me: don't buy Epsons, buy Stars. End of story.

03/19/2007 6:59 PM Alert 

My Epson TM-U220's work fine with RMS and I converted them all from serial to USB.

I pesonally can't stand thermal printers as the receipts wash out over time but you can run graphics. (I could care less myself, just need a receipt)

Of all my hardware the Epson printers were the easiest to install unlike the friggin Magtek readers. Magtek's USB driver sucks. The serials and keyboard models work OK.

You wouldn't believe what I went though with the Symbol PD8500 Sig terminals but I got it.

OPOS was a great idea except for the mfg's of retail hardware all but ignoring it.

Symbol's the same way about hiding the drivers in the developer zone like Epson. Many Mfg's either don't offer OPOS or you have to nag them to get it sent to you.

One of these days these morons will figure out that serial, PS2 and parallel ports are going away. XP is a very serial un-freindly OS anyway. (Microsoft has all but forgotten what hardware IRQ is)



10/12/2011 8:35 AM Alert 
I need a bar code label printer to print on thermal transfer butterfly labels with RMS. Will the Zebra LP 2844 do this ? Jim
raashey ghayur

11/14/2012 2:42 AM Alert 
I have Epson printer tm-u220 dot matrix printer I want to use with RMS, presently am using thermal its working fine thermal roll 80mm getting all lines, But dot matrix printer is 76mm some characters are missing any option in M.D.RMS?
raashey ghayur

11/19/2012 11:10 PM Alert 
still i am waiting for your replly,can any bady help me ?
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